Men And Marriage - She Gets An Expensive Ring, Dress, Wedding.. What Do I Get?

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After the excitement of the wedding and the planning wind down and the dust settles, this is a question many married men begin to ask. The first major expense of a marriage is the woman’s ring. Men typically end up with a gold band or something else as generic. As for the wedding, most would agree that the celebration focuses on the union of the couple, but that 90% of the excitement and emotion is for the woman to finally get hitched.

Also realize that the tradition of the bride’s father paying for the wedding is not always the case. As is the case in this example, often the wedding is paid for by the couple themselves, entering them into a marriage saddled with a pretty hefty financial debt to begin with.

Of course, on the honeymoon, it is expected that the couple will have amazing and passionate sex - but statistics show that after the honeymoon, men typically end up receiving less and less sex as the marriage progresses. So aside from less sex and a potentially gigantic financial liability if a divorce were to occur - what do men get?

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A popular forum recently had a topic with this very question in mind. After spending a great deal of money on his wife’s ring - the man asked for something else in return (a musician’s keyboard) because “they” agreed to go cheap on his ring so hers could be bigger. A simple request he thought. Financially, she still got the more expensive item and at least this could be seen as a valid expense (since he is a musician after all). The enraged response from his wife completely confused him. So he pondered… If women get the wedding, the ring, and all the frills… “What do I get?”

Needless to say there were some very creative responses:

You actually expected something in return? Come on man, you know that engagements/weddings are ALL about the chick.

I see nothing wrong with you asking for that. The whole lopsided thing with engagement rings is a bunch of bs imo

You expected your relationship with a female to be even?

You silly fool!

you fool!

women are only “equal” to men when it suits them!

she sounds pretty selfish to me

If women didn’t like the idea of marriage so much, it probably wouldn’t exist.

The engagement ring is just supposed to prove you have the $$ to support her ass. You don’t get anything in return.

I always give chicks the “diamonds are bullsh*t speech so don’t ever expect one from me” about 3 months into it. Other jewelry yes, but not diamonds.

This should be the 1st of many red flags you’ll recieve on how this b*tch is going to be, I’d personally take the engagment ring back, tell her the wedding is off, go get my keyboard and tell her to f*ck off, that or she can learn to be a more equal partner in the relationship.

F*ck women who think they DESERVE something from a man…you don’t deserve sh*t even if you are giving up the pussy, all you deserve is an equal relationship…equal from everything from emotional to monetary wise.

You should’ve bought her engangement ring and told her to buy her own wedding band…thats what I did

This is the beginning of the end for you if she doesnt feel you deserve anything while you both start out your lives.

hell mine even said I could rent ANY car that I want for our wedding weekend. Still havent decided what I am going to get yet.

It’s not often that the man doesn’t pay for 1/2 or more of the weddings nowadays unless the brides parents are well off…

Get a grip, ya’ll are the tools thinking that men should just give and give and then once you do get married she cuts you off from having sex anyway…f*ck that bullsh*t.

My ring 290 dollars, hers 11K. Love is a bitch.

I sat in the jewerly store for a hour before I could pull the trigger. Jewelry is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen but I couldn’t say no. Believe me, I wanted to.

f*ckin a…if I ever get married again, it’s gonna be a small one and i’m going to spend the money on something like a vacation or cruise, f*ck 20K for a wedding…

Yeah, I’d rather not go into debt when I’m finishing up college and saving to buy a house. God forbid I want to be smart, use logic, and f*cking SAVE money.

You should have asked for a ring a little less then half in value, max.

If she buys that for you, the ring wont mean half as much to her, because she shelled out so much money for you.

Sorry, that is the way it goes, you pay a dickload for a worthless shiny stone, but every time she looks at her hand she remembers she has a blinging ass man that loves her.

Consider it a good investment, increasing the chances by a percentage that you WONT GET F*CKING CHEAT ON or DIVORCED, lol.

% mind you.

But that is what it’s for.

You are asking her to marry you. It’s not like she’s Santa and you’re the little boy. You might be even lucky that she’ll consider letting you to be the only one to f*ck her from now on.

or not…

I am about to get engaged. I am spending ~$15k on her ring. She doesnt know how much I am spending. I made a deal with her, I buy her a ring, she buys me a $6k Breitling watch. Not only did she agree to it, she thinks its a fair deal.

Women tend to adhere to the morals and rules taught to them by society; which are in this case to accept a wedding ring and not really give anything of comparable value in return. It’s just the way things are… women aren’t just going to start giving gifts out of nowhere. It’s worthy to note that when these traditions were cemented into societies in the olden days, the social structure was different: Men worked, women did not. It would’ve been offensive to expect a valuable gift then, the roles of wives were dramatically different. Today, it’s a different ballgame and it’s always hard for the first ones who try and change things, like me; we’ll have to take sh*t from all you guys… but twenty years down the line when mutual gifts of comparable value are commonplace, you’ll thank me

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